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30 years of experience

In this field

A Trusted Family Business

Our company is new, yet we are anything but inexperienced. 


Working for other companies previously, this family of technicians took the leap to start up an independent business in order to offer clients a level of service not often seen before. 

We have tried and tested knowledge, as well as young ambition and fresh ideas, creating a passionate, professional workforce.



Currently we service all over the Western Cape South Africa. Our clients range from intimate office spaces to gigantic warehouses and everything in between. 



Give us a call, we’d love to meet and chat about how we can help you. 

30 Years of

What We Do?


We specialise in all things air conditioning and refrigeration, focusing on the commercial and industrial sector. 


We'll repair any technical errors and make sure you're up & running soon.


Install air conditioners in your office, fridges in your shops, and more.


Keep things running smoothly with regular check-ups and cleanings.

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Contact us and we'll come out to visit you to see where and how we can help you with our air con/refrigeration solutions.